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Gamepad Pubg Mobile Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Plug and play,Bring your PC gaming experience to mobile, allows you to use your own keyboard and mouse to control the mobile games. The ergonomic wrist rest design provides a comfortable typing experience. Perfect mechanical keyboard is suitable for all games.

Compatible system:No driver required, compatible with Windows 98, XP/2000 / ME / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / LINUX / ANDROID / IOS and other operating systems, supporting multi-language versions, Compatible with Android via Bluetooth 5.0 Support most common FPS games, such as PUBG mobile, Rules of Survival, Knives Out and more. Support for custom button settings, Customizable keyboard button setting for your preference.

KEYBOARD AND MOUSE: The keyboard uses a one-handed keyboard with a mechanical feel, and the mouse is ergonomic. Stable link, reduce delay, close to PC usage habits. The mouse only maps the aiming, shooting and moving camera functions in FPS games, so the mouse has no function on the home screen. You need to enter the game to use it directly.

CONNECTION:Must use the official PS4 or Xbox controller to connect, does not support any other third-party controller; must keep the controller off before connecting; must use a data cable (not a charging cable) to connect the controller and adapter ; Must be connected in the correct connection sequence. Support Type C Port Input/Output.

ADAPTER COMPATIBILITY:  The combination includes A11 keyboard and mouse adapters, the converter supports keyboards and mice of other major brands. If you need a high-end keyboard and mouse, just use the converter to link to other keyboards and mice. The operation steps and mapping method are consistent with the keyboard and mouse in the settings. (Note: The converter only needs to be linked to the X1 / NS / P4 / P3 interface, not to the DC input interface).

Function 1: Suitable for iPhone OS 13/Pad OS
Function 2: In game mode, press the mid mouse button to call out cursor for Office
USB Support Function: Plugged to connect the keyboard and mouse, connect phone via bluetooth.
Special function: Magnetic Holder For Mobile Phone Which thickness is under 1cm
Note: Does not support MTK Platform mobile phones

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