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Smart LED Automatic Drinking Water Fountain

Spend more time with your pet and less time refilling their dish.

With our Smart LED Automatic Drinking Water Fountain, you can now provide a delicious source of fresh water for your pets with fewer refills. This automatic pet water dispenser ensures pets easy access to an extended supply of water, ideal for pet parents with busy lifestyles.


Pet Fountain
  • Provide the pet with fresh running water.
  • Furnish stream of naturally cool and oxygenated water.
  • Suitable for small and medium size pets.
  • Encourages pet to drink more frequently.
  • Low voltage power supply, is for your own and pet safety.
  • Silent operation, is best for pet which is sensitive to noise.
  • Double Activated Carbon filter, make water more pure.
  • LED Light, Convenient pet night drinking.


  • Material: ABS
  • Capacity: 1.8L Size: L: 25 x W: 19.5 x H: 11cm.
  • Cable length: 160cm
  • Gift box size: 26X20X12CM
  • Item weight: 0.9KG

Pet Fountain-3

Replaceable charcoal filters (we recommend customer to replace the filter once a month), Auto shut off when water gets low and Quiet operation so as to not scare the pet.

    Package Included: 

    1× LED Automatic Pet Fountain Water Cat Dog Bowl Drinking Dish Filter Pet

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