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Smartphone Charger and Sanitizer


Do you find yourself wiping your phone before the little ones will play? 

  • Germs is on everything from door knobs, toilet seats, dirty laundry, table counter tops.
  • Bacteria hold on to moisture, form the perfect sanctuary.
  • The average person touches their phone over 100 times a day, while the phone’s surface is constantly infiltrated by germs.

 So you should need one our Smartphone Cleaner!

  1. This is a multiple-function cleaner, which has cleaning, aromatherapy and charging functions.
  2. This cleaner is easy to use, plug and play, the kids get to use your clean phone and you can clean it right after they use it.
  3. It safely and effectively eliminates germs from invisible harmful organisms, helping to keep you and your family safe. Protect yourself from harmful germs by cleaning your phone regularly.

UV Sanitizer 12


2 Lights - Complete Cleaning

Machine provides two light lamps which could cover the top and bottom surface meanwhile, so you just need to clean your device for one time. Plug it in, put the phone inside and close the cover and press clean switch to start clean with indicator light keeps green. Our smartphone cleaner will stop automatically after 6 minutes. So easy that you can protect yourself and those closest to you by cleaning your phone regularly.

UV Sanitizer 15


6 Working Minutes - Full Clean

Cleaner is widely used in our life, such as food, health, chemical engineering and so on, which gives us a more safe and healthy life. Our smartphone cleaner can clean 99.9% of common household germs in 6 minutes. Clean your phone while you wait or leave inside to charge overnight.

UV Sanitizer 16


Aromatherapy Diffuser - Extra Freshness

In addition to keeping your favourite belongings germ free, the portable cleaner works as an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Simply add couple of your favourite aroma drops inside, it will freshen your phone. Put essential oil on the aromatherapy inlet, press aromatherapy switch to start the aroma humidifier for your device. It stops automatically after 8 minutes while aromatherapy is finishing, and your device will smell wonderful.


UV Sanitizer 18


Sanitizer and Charger

Comes with Universal USB Cables, built in charging port, so you can charge your phone while it’s being cleaned, without powering off. DC5V/1A is provided to the device, which can be power a bank, usb plug. You can just charge your phone without cleaning. Also you can just clean your phone without charging. Specially, you can fresh your phone without charging and cleaning.

UV Sanitizer  19


Large Inner Dimensions - Up to 7inch

Portable Cleaner inner dimensions are (in inches) 7’’ L x 4’’ W x 0.78’’ H and can fit larger phones and tablets. Also, it can fits for iPods, mp3 players, bluetooth earphones, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys and jewelry.

UV Sanitizer 20


Ergonomic Design 

The sleek, ergonomic and compact design of our cleaner makes it easy to take with you, wherever you go. It won’t feel bulky and can easily fit in your purse. Whether at work, home, traveling or in the car, simply place your phone (with its case) inside the smart cleaner, and wait while the it cleans your device.

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