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Split Outdoor Collapsible Burner for Camping

This outdoor stove is portable and ultralight. Compatible with Butane / Butane Propane canister. This kind of camping stove burner is a real useful prospect for people who are into camping and trekking.

Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, with low center of gravity and anti-slip design. It is very strong and sturdy, can stand high temperature and weight.

The arms on top and the legs on the bottom of the camping stove can be folded in. The stove fits in the palm of your hand, easily compact and lightweight, also come with a pouch, only weighs 146g / 5.1oz, easy to carry.

With piezoelectric ceramic ignition system, the camping stove can be start fire easily. And the valve is designed for precise flame adjustment.

Compatible with butane / butane-propane mixed fuel canisters.

Excellent heat efficiency and super strong firepower, more economical gas consumption. It can boil 2 pints of water in around 5 minutes.


Stove Base Material: Stainless steel
Support Material: Aluminum slloy
Burner Stove Diameter: 5cm / 2in Max Output: 2.6kcal / 3kW / 10.2BTU
Stove Unfolded Size(D * H): 13.5 * 7.5cm / 5.3 * 3.0in
Stove Weight: 146g / 5.1oz
Package Size: 10.5 * 8 * 7.5cm / 4.1 * 3.1 * 3.0in
Package Weight: 187g / 6.6oz

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