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LED Night Safety Flashing Collar

Light Grey

Every year, thousands of dogs get hit because they're not visible at night to cars. Approximately 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year. 

One of the biggest concerns faced by many furrents is being able to see their four-legged friends after dark. For those who like to take walks or run at night, taking your pup along can be a scary, worry-filled adventure.

Rechargeable Glowing Dog Collar

Our Rechargeable Glowing Dog Collar lights up your dog and keeps him (or her) safe and very visible! It gives you peace of mind and offers the opportunity for more fun together and less worry about visibility.

Rechargeable Glowing Dog Collar

With a simple on/off button and options for solid or flashing light, it glows brightly with its strong LED technology. It is also water-resistant. It comes with a rechargeable battery that provides six hours of illumination for every up to two-hour charge, eliminating the headache, hassle, and cost of replacing batteries.

Rechargeable Glowing Dog Collar

Rechargeable Glowing Dog CollarRechargeable Glowing Dog Collar


  • EASY TO CHARGE: No batteries needed! It comes with a universal USB charging cord that connects to the mini USB port built into the back of the collar’s power button. Simply plug it in and power it up (a full charge takes 30 minutes or less). No batteries! You simply plug the collar in and it's ready to wear in 30-60 minutes.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE -Very easy to cut to fit size according to the dog's neck. A pair of wire cutters or a sharp blade easily cuts the plastic tubing to size.
  • WATER-RESISTANT and DURABLE DESIGN: There are no moving parts to break off or lose.
  • EASY TO WEAR: Each Glowing LED Dog collar is tested, charged, and ready to use when it is shipped. Collars slip on with ease and stay on.
  • 3 ILLUMINATION MODES (STEADY, FLASH and STROBE): Go with the basic steady-illumination setting or get flashy with slow and fast strobe setting.
  • SURROUNDING GLOW: Glowing Dog Collar's glow is bright enough for you to see what’s in your dog’s immediate path.

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