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Valkyrie VF-1S Macross™

For fans and collectors of Macross, This is extremely detailed design of the Macross Valkyries.  The latest release, The 1/60 VF-1S Roy Focker Special Movie Version, is extremely detailed and comes with numerous optional parts and special display stand.


This version of Roy Focker's custom VF-1S Strike Valkyrie is loaded with extra parts and accessories. It's amazingly posable, fully transformable between all three modes, Included are the gun pod and missile pod, three-mount AAM, the Strike parts set, a right backpack missile poe, large anti-ship missile, a posing hand part from the film, attachment parts for the cockpit capsule and the stand, a Battroid boarding sheet, supplemental parts, stickers for the markings, and a pilot figure. Don't miss out!


This beautiful figure measures 25 cm and is made with the highest quality materials and the details it has are spectacular, without a doubt a figure that you cannot miss for your collection.


The sculpt and detailing are also very fine, with the paint job being deceptively minimalist but in fact actually very high end. While most of the major decals are included on the figure, you have extra sticker sheets available. It’s worth noting that the Skull Squadron emblem needs to be affixed to the Super and Strike packs.


Overall, this is an amazing release and anyone that loves the original Macross will absolutely need this in their life. This Roy Focker VF-1S Strike Valkyrie continues on in that tradition and comes highly recommended.


  • Size: 25 cm 
  • Material:  PVC
  • Type :  Action Figure
  • Scale: 1/60
  • Weight: 1340g

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