How To Take The Perfect Swimwear Shot

How To Take The Perfect Swimwear Shot

Apr 26 , 2021

Freddie Webster Cortez

It’s a trial that no man will ever understand – the seemingly impossible task of figuring out how to take the perfect bikini shot. It was nerve wracking enough when we were simply trying to MMS a picture of our blissful beach day to our friends or a significant other, but the ante has now been seriously upped with the rise of Instagram bikini selfies, dating app profile pictures, and other media that will be seen by hundreds if not thousands of judging eyes. As any of us who have taken a few selfies have come to realize, however – there is indeed a ‘method to the madness’. 

After carefully studying some of social media’s biggest stars, we’ve gathered some of the top tips and tricks to help you get the perfect bikini shot every time!


This is the most important consideration of any type of photography – but it becomes all the more crucial when taking that outdoor photo with minimal coverage. Here’s the scoop – the middle of the day may be the optimal tanning time, but it’s the worst for taking bikini selfies! Midday light is simply so bright and harsh that it’s tough to get a flattering shot. Early in the morning or at sunset is going to give you the gentle, smoothing light you’re looking for. 

Trust Your Tippie-Toes

This is an extension of the ‘elongate your body’ tip, but one that is a must-know for any bikini shot aficionado. Go take a look at any Insta-celeb’s account and see how many influencers use this little trick (go on, we’ll wait). Whether actually getting up on their tip toes while leaning on a boardwalk railing, placing one leg in front the other with their weight on the toes of their front front, or reclining in the sand with leg bent and foot pointed like a ballerina, these selfie and bikini-shot pros know that this trick makes your legs look longer and more toned – and accentuates the bum as well!

Elongate Your Body

Ever notice that in solo shots, Insta-celebs often look much taller than they actually are? This isn’t a coincidence – they are consciously elongating their body and exaggerating their posture in order to nail those sexy bikini pics. This gives the illusion of a slimmer, longer body – which tends to make that bikini look all the more flattering.

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