Sustainability is not a Culture Trend, Apolitical Sentiment, or another box to thick. It’s a duty At GearMeeUp we are committed to making environmental awareness our second nature.


We believe sustainability is the future.


We believe that we can change our impact on the world by developing more eco-friendly clothing lines and adopting better practices within our internal network to reduce our environmental footprint. We're making great strides already, but there is still a long way to go. As we progress on this journey, we will be giving you our complete transparency every step of the way.

Our Steps Toward Sustainable Style

  • As an e-commerce business that's intrinsically more eco-conscious, we’ve been thoughtful about our retail expansion and 100% of our brick-and-mortar stores are climate neutral.
  • We're replacing unnecessary plastic where we can with recycled polybags, recycled mailers, and reusable shopping totes.
  • We’re constantly launching eco-conscious styles designed to go easier on the environment and we will continue to champion sustainability and experiment with additional ways to become more responsible.
  • We're teaming up with thredUP, one of the world's largest online thrift stores, to keep the earth in good shape.


We Design with an Eco-Conscious Mindset

We’re constantly developing brand-new women’s and men’s styles made from recycled and upcycled materials — transforms recycled plastic bottles into fiber and has kept over 24 billion discarded bottles out of landfills. Just look for the “eco” icon on our site.

Our mission to protect the environment fuels us to keep innovating eco-conscious designs—so we can continue to inspire our VIPs with even more sustainable choices.

It’s Just the Beginning

Our vision for a healthier world starts from within. With sustainability as one of our cornerstones, we’re committed to a greener future—so stay tuned for even more ways we're becoming earth-friendly.

Our Stores Are Climate Neutral

As a digitally native brand first and foremost, our platform is intrinsically more eco-conscious than traditional retail companies. But as we expand our brick-and-mortar presence, we’re committed to being thoughtful from the start about integrating earth-friendly practices.

We can all make a difference

We know the task of living more sustainably may seem a little overwhelming at first and that the task in hand is huge but like many things in life, it's about making changes gradually. The power truly is in the hands of all of us as consumers and every single one of us has the chance to make a positive change in the world By choosing to switch to more sustainable alternatives, we can all make such a positive impact. We believe that buying products that reduce our impact on the planet is a real and effective way to create change. Together, we can change the way the world does business and make conscious commerce the new normal.

Our Top Technologies

Polygiene - fresh for life

The antimicrobial odor-free treatment for apparel that helps you stay fresher longer.

LONGER LASTING: Polygiene treated apparel stay fresh longer than untreated workout clothes. By washing and drying your clothes less frequently you can prolong the lifespan of your garments and make a positive contribution to the environment.

Wear More, Wash Less: Polygiene treated textiles do not need to be washed as often, which saves water, energy, time, and money as well as improve the lifespan of a product. Washing a garment after each use is not always necessary. By wearing your garments more and for longer they will last longer you will reduce your environmental footprint.

Anti-Microbial: Polygiene uses low concentrations of naturally occurring silver salt (silver chloride) made from recycled silver, a highly effective antimicrobial agent, to safely inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi. Polygiene prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi at the source, permanently.

Odor Prevention: Polygiene prevents the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi at the source. Polygiene is only active on the textiles itself and does not interfere with your skin’s natural bacterial flora. Polygiene odour control will not wash out as the technology is bound and permanently integrated in the fabric.

Dope dyeing

Dope dyeing is a production technique to colour synthetic fibres such as acrylic, nylon and polyester. In dope dyeing, pigments are added to the liquid polymer solution before synthetic fibres are extruded.

Recycled Organic Cotton

Not only is cotton one of the most widely grown crops worldwide, but conventional cotton is also one of the most chemical-intensive. Causing a significant impact on the air, water, soil and overall health of the people in cotton-growing areas, these harmful chemicals are often toxic, as classified by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Grown without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and harvested sustainably, organic cotton uses methods and materials that have a significantly lower impact on the environment.

Recycled Flex Woven Our Recycled

Flex Woven fabric is a key player in many of our products, offering the ultimate in all day comfort. A recycled polyester and spandex blend, the woven technique offers a body hugging fit with tons of added flexibility.

Incredibly lightweight, Recycled Flex Woven offers moisture wicking, excellent shape recovery and unrivaled coverage. Its 4-way stretch makes it ideal for the active lifestyle while its soft touch feel, and matte appearance offers an ultra-modern look and feel. Easy care washing means it’s easy to maintain this long-lasting fabric.

Recycled Polyester

We use only Global Recycled Standard verified polyester that guarantees the recycled content is factual and ethical.

Recycled Polyester Benefits:

  • Reduces petroleum consumption
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Prevents waste from polluting the environment.