The Ultimate Guide to Infuser Water Bottles

The Ultimate Guide to Infuser Water Bottles

Jun 21 , 2019

Freddie Cortez

If you are trying to lose weight, you must have already read about the benefits of drinking water for weight loss. According to WebMD, drinking eight glasses of water can aid in burning fat and can increase the rate of metabolism. Despite all the benefits of drinking water, the problem is, can you really gulp down that many tasteless glasses of water every day?

The mere thought might make you cringe because to be honest, water is a little plain and boring. This is one of the main reasons why it is so tempting to reach for a bottle of Coke on a hot, sunny day instead of a refreshing and healthy glass of water.

Fortunately, infuser water bottles are here to help. These inexpensive and fun looking fruit infusers allow you to make delicious flavored water, encouraging you to gush down more water every day plus they can be carried around with you wherever you go.

The best part about using an Infuser water bottle is you can use it to create practically any kind of flavored water you want. Browse the internet for recipes or just toss in your favorite fruits and voila.

In addition, the fruit can be reused multiple times before the flavor starts to dissipate so you get to enjoy those delicious flavors for a longer period of time in an economically friendly way. What more could you want?

What Are Infuser Water Bottles?

Infuser Water Bottles are specially designed for infusing fruits with water. Most infuser water bottles come with separate chambers to hold fruit. Every bottle follows the same mechanism. All you have to do is chop up some fruits, toss them inside the bottle and enjoy the goodness of a healthy, refreshing and sugar-free drink, packed with vitamins and minerals, i.e. it is all natural.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Why Should You Buy An Infuser Water Bottle?

Drinking fruit infused water is an easy way to increase your water intake. Infused water, also known as fruit flavored water, detox water or fruit infused water, is packed with flavor and provides a range of health benefits. Infused water can be a healthy combination of almost any fruit, vegetable or herb immersed in cold water.

Still wondering why you should purchase an Infuser water bottle? Here are some of the most notable benefits of drinking infused water.

Boosts Metabolism

It’s no secret a fast metabolism can speed up weight loss. The active compounds in fruits speed up the metabolism, causing the body to burn more calories throughout the day. Among all the fruits and vegetables, incorporating lemon in infused water offers multiple metabolism boosting effects. Other citrus fruits you can use include oranges, kiwis and limes.

Boost Energy Levels

A sugar loaded energy or sports drink might seem tempting post workout but what about all the extra calories? Nourishing, high-vitamin glass or infused water provides explosive energy, making it the perfect go-to drink for athletes and fitness buffs.

Replace your daily sports drink with infused water and say bye to those extra calories. Infused water contains significant quantities of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that not only boost energy levels but also hydrate the body.


According to, infused water for weight loss is the perfect choice because the drink contains little or no added calories. Losing weight isn’t easy but it becomes even more troublesome when you spend the day counting calories and reading nutritional values plastered behind diet drinks and sodas.

Do yourself a flavor and make fruit infused water at home. Not only will it be free from preservatives and sugars but it will not have any added calories as well. It’s a win-win option.

Easy Storage

With the help of an infuser water bottle, you need not worry about the taste of flavor water going bad. Infused water is best kept in the refrigerator and can last up to a week or until the flavor is no longer present. According to, infusing water at room temperature generally speeds up the infusion rate.

Typically, infused water tastes great up to 3 to 4 days depending on the fruits you are using. The rinds in citrus fruits can add a bitter taste to your drink hence if you intend to use citrus fruits, cut off the rind portion of the fruit. The best infuser water bottles are resistant to leakage, are lightweight, and easy to carry around, hence simply put the bottle in your workout bag and you are good to go.

Saves Time and Effort

Just chop up your favorite fruits and vegetables and squeeze in some lemon juice and allow the flavors to infuse inside the infuser water bottle. Fruit drinks and smoothies preparation requires significant effort, not to mention you also have to invest in juicers or blenders which might not be easy on your budget.

In addition, infused water is good for up to 4 days so you can keep it in the fridge without worrying about it going bad unlike fruit juices and smoothies. The next time you are headed to the gym, just grab your infuser water bottle, keep it in your workout bag and you are good to go.

Adds Flavor to Your Diet

Going on a diet and restricting yourself to only plain boring old water or calorie loaded diet drinks might not seem like the most healthiest or exciting decision. Fortunately, there are different ways of making fruit infused water so there is no need for you to drink the same flavor every day.

Spice up your diet by heading off to your local supermarket and purchase a variety of fruits and vegetables you can incorporate in your drink. Experiment with fresh cucumbers, orange, strawberry, minds, peaches or even frozen grapes. The possibilities are endless so it is impossible to get bored.

Features To Consider When Purchasing An Infuser Water Bottle

Thinking of buying infuser water bottles? Here are a few features you should consider:


Purchase an infuser water bottle that is lightweight yet sturdy and easy to carry around so you can toss it in your bag wherever you go. Kids love flavored water as well. A small, lightweight bottle should easily fit inside their backpack without adding additional load.

BPA Free

A common concern among consumers while purchasing any kind of reusable bottle is finding a product that is BPA free. According to Mayo Clinic, Bisphenol A is an industrial chemicalused in the industrial production of certain plastics and resins, especially products and containers manufactured to store food and beverages, such as water bottles.

Increased exposure to BPA may increase the risk of health issues, such as such as reproductive disorders, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Dishwasher Safe

Honestly, this feature means you will have a lot less dishes to wash by hand. Simply place it in the dishwasher and you are good to go.


If you are planning on using the infuser water bottle every day, it needs to be of premium quality. Opt for a bottle that is durable, strong, and sturdy and 100% leak-proof, like the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle – so you need not worry about leakages.

Color and Style

Wouldn’t it be great if your water bottle matched the color of your training shoes or your neon backpack? Make a style statement by purchasing an infuser water bottle in your favorite color. The bottle will look great on your work desk and will make you feel better about yourself.

Types of Infuser Water Bottles

There are generally three types of Infuser Water Bottles:

  • Stainless Steel Infuser Water Bottle
  • Glass Infuser Water Bottle
  • Sports Infuser Water Bottle

Stainless Steel Infuser Bottle

If you are concerned about the environment, perhaps a stainless steel infuser bottle is the best option for you. Plastic bottles are found everywhere. There is nothing unique about them. In addition, most plastic bottles contain BPA, which is harmful for your health and wellbeing. BPA can easily leech its way in your drinking water, causing disruption to your hormones.


Here are some pros of using stainless steel infuser water bottles:

  • High Quality: Pure quality stainless steel bottles are designed to last for years. Hence, if you intend on using your infuser bottle regularly, a stainless steel bottle is less likely to experience water damage and will last you a long time.
  • Safe: Stainless steel does not leach chemicals and does not interact with whatever product you are consuming.
  • Strong and Sturdy: It would be a challenge for you to crack or break the bottle. The strong and sturdy stainless steel build ensures no damage.
  • Dishwasher Safe: One of the added bonuses of using a stainless steel infuser water bottle is it is dishwasher safe. Just rinse the bottle under the sink and discard the fruit used for infusion before setting it inside the dishwasher. Any fruit residue left behind in the bottle can ‘bake’ due to heat produced by the appliance.
  • Pleasant to Use: You would not want yesterday’s cucumber flavor to linger inside the bottle if you have decided to infuse strawberries today. Stainless steel infuser bottles are pleasant to use since they do not retain any odor or flavor from the ingredients used the previous day. In addition, the attractive stainless steel design and sturdy build makes drinking from a water bottle pleasant.


  • Heavy: Stainless steel infuser water bottles are a little difficult to carry around because of their weight. Stainless steel bottles are even heavier than aluminum ones. This is a noticeable flaw as it means you cannot easily carry the infuser bottle around with you.
  • Not Suitable for Children: Apart from its heavy weight, children might injure or harm themselves with the heavy bottle.

Glass Infuser Water Bottle

Glass infuser water bottles are probably not the best choice for users who have young children or need flavoured water on the go. However there are a number of pros of investing in glass infuser water bottles:


  • Environmentally-Friendly: Similar to stainless steel infuser water bottles, glass bottles are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bottles. Glass can be recycled and reused, making your purchase a notable step for the environment.
  • Contamination Free: Unlike plastic bottles, glass infuser bottles are free from the problem of contamination or leaching.


  • Prone to Breakage: Let’s be honest: no matter how sturdy a glass infuser water bottle is, it will break if you hurl in on the ground.
  • Not Suitable for Children: Because it is prone to breakage, glass infuser water bottles are not suitable for use by children and it is probably best you keep the bottle away from them as well even if you are not using it.
  • Unsuitable for Daily Use: Due to the risk of breakage, carrying the bottle around is not a convenient option. A glass infuser water bottle is probably not the best option for daily use or even for travel if you are headed out on a bumpy road.

Sports Infuser Water Bottle

Sports infuser water bottles are generally made from sturdy materials and are designed for people who are on the move. If you are a fitness freak and spend most of your time at the gymor out cycling, you need a sports infuser water bottle that promises extra durability.


  • Durable: Sports infuser water bottles are made from the sturdiest materials which are not prone to breakage.
  • Ideal for Daily Use: These bottles are lightweight, strong and sturdy and thus ideal for daily use.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Sports infuser water bottles are generally dishwasher safe which means you save a lot of time and effort required to wash the bottle by hand.


  • May Not Be BPA Free: Sports infuser bottles are mostly constructed from plastic which means they might not always be BPA free.