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Variation of Styles for Two-Piece Swimsuits with High Waist

November 14, 2020

Variation of Styles for Two-Piece Swimsuits with High Waist

Variation of Styles for Two-Piece Swimsuits with High Waist

Generally, when we talk of high-waisted bikini, our brain sketches a plain-Jane image from the retro age. Don’t get deceived by it. Check out this break down of the trendiest styles of high-waisted swim suits that promise both flair and luxury.

Monochrome Bikini with Cutouts

We agree that a plain high-waisted bikini may make you look like someone traveled all the way from 1950s. To overcome that diaper-ish look, try plain bikinis with cutout detailing, particularly on bottom’s sides. These cutouts are ideal for breaking up that diaper-like look. This style diverts the focus from the long underwear to the sassy detailing it bears.

Bikini with Tassels

Swimsuits with tassels are flattering especially for plus-size women. The tassels tend to cover the heavy bosoms in the most stylish manner. To avoid a monochromic look, try a plain top with printed bottom.

high waisted bikini

Note: Look for the thicker fabrics and materials as they project a better body shape as compared to thin and flimsy fabrics.

With Sheer Detailing

All the fashion-forward girls who have made their mind on high waisted bikini, try the ones with sheer detailing on the bikini bottom. The sheer accent not just updates the design, it adds more to the femininity of the staple (it promises a non-diaper look).

high waisted bikini

 With Halter style Bikini Top

To add volume to your bosom, pair your high waist bikini bottom with a halter style bikini top. It would add a trendy feel to the vintage style swimwear. At the same time, girls with heavier bosoms can also wear the halter style tops as the strappy top securely manages the heavy bosoms (you would never experience what Kim Kardashian had to face).

high waisted bikini

 With Side Lacing or Strapped Detailing

Laced and strapped detailing on bottom’s side (even on the top) is yet another way to create the image of a fashionista. It also shows off your curvy body in the most eye-catching manner.

high waisted bikini

 High waisted Bikini with a Ruffled Top

Girls with small sized chest are recommended to wear tops with some sort of detailing on it. For example, a ruffled top creates the illusion of a heavy chest.

high waisted bikini

 Prints, Prints, Prints

Fashion designers have introduced a number of prints for swimwear. Be it dots, stripes, floral or animal prints, graffiti art, every style is trendy. The clashing colours are best for diverting the focus from any bodily imperfections. As we recommend high waist bottoms for women of every age group; just keep in mind to pick the right type of print (the print that goes with your age group).

high waisted bikini


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