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Premium Intelligent Posture Corrector


Stand taller and with confidence wearing Premium Intelligent Posture Corrector. Support all the right areas to align your neck and spine. This product warns you with a vibration and helps to maintain correct posture and healthy position.

Solve Back Posture Problems Perfectly:  Are you always lack of confident for your humpback? Are you still worried about your child's sitting and walking posture? Suffering frequent back pain caused by bad sitting habit? Fed up with the breathless constrictions of the traditional posture straps. Just take it easy. Intelligent posture reminder can solve all these problems. It will lead you a healthy and confident life.

Intelligent Posture Corrector: Posture corrector vibrates automatically to remind users of their incorrect postures by real time monitoring. When it senses that the user's hunchback bends more than 25 degrees, it will immediately activate the vibrating alert. According to our internal tests, the tester wears the posture aligner for 2 hours a day and there is a noticeable improvement in posture within 3 weeks.

Innovative Concept: We advocate proactive correction concept. When the smart sensor performs angle monitoring, it automatically triggers gentle vibrations when hunchback sensed, reminding the user proactively to adjust to the correct posture, finally to form good posture habits, protect eye vision and relieve back fatigues. Rejecting the adverse effects of passive physical forcing corrections by traditional strap, such as muscle pressures, impact on kid’s body development and breath discomfort.

Ergonomic Design: This hunchback back brace is designed with ergonomic shape and fits the human body curve. Equipped with premium rubber elastic strap, strong elasticity with no pressure on shoulder. The anti-skid buckle supports length adjustment, universal for adults and children. One-button operation, easy to use. The switch position is designed to be easy to turned on/off by yourself without the help of others, regardless of adults or children.

Long Standby: The slouch corrector is equipped with a 500mAh polymer lithium battery and can be used for 15 days with 2 hours charging, by connecting the USB cable with the V8 charging socket on the slouch corrector with the 5V power supply. The switch is with an indicator light, the constant red light indicates charging, and the constant blue light indicates full/normal operation. (As a reliable seller, we promise to give satisfactory answers to all customers, pls contact us if any problem. )


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