Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel

Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel

Apr 26 , 2021

Freddie Webster Cortez

The Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel

Backpacks are my favourite type of bag.  Comfortable to wear and roomy inside, I almost always choose a backpack when I travel. The only issue is you can’t see what is going on behind you when you have it on your back, which is why anti-theft travel gear is such a great product.

If you are looking for a new theft proof backpack and are not sure where to start, you have come to the right place.

Don’t let a pickpocket ruin your day whether you are looking for the best anti-theft backpack for travel, an anti-theft college backpack or a simple backpack with lock, we are confident you will find a great option here.

What Is An Anti Theft Backpack?

Unlike regular travel bags, theft proof luggage has been specifically designed to help protect your belongings when you travel.

Secure travel bags have unique security features such as slash proof materials, hidden pockets and stronger, lockable zippers. These features help reduce the risk of thieves accessing and stealing your valuables.

Whether you are waiting in an airport, on a train station, walking through a busy street, or sitting at a restaurant, you want to be confident your belongings and valuables are safe and secure with a pickpocket proof backpack. 

If you travel regularly or commute to work or school, a theft proof bag is a wise investment.  They give you a greater sense of security that your gear is safely stowed away.

The Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel will give you peace of mind that no matter where you are, your passport, credit cards, camera and other valuable belongings are safely stored.

There are a number of different anti-theft features in travel backpacks. Not all travel safe bags have all features, so we have listed the key anti-theft features below to help you decide which features are most important to you.

Slashproof Material

The best anti-theft bags for travel have slashproof steel mesh embedded within the fabric of the bag. This prevents the fabric being cut open to access your bag.

The steel wire mesh not only protects your belongings from opportunist thieves when you are on crowded trains or in busy markets.

It also prevents unwarranted access when you leave the bag in your hotel or with the concierge. Some slash proof travel bags also have slashproof straps. This is an extra security feature to prevent your bag being stolen when it has been locked to a table or chair.

Lockable Zippers

Lockable zippers won’t prevent a determined thief with time on their hands trying to access your bag. They are most effective when commuting or out sightseeing as they prevent opportunists accessing your bag when you are not looking.

Backpacks with lockable zippers are one of the best deterrents to prying eyes. Some will have the backpack zipper locks on the main compartment. The best anti-theft travel bags will have a lockable zipper on every section.

The design of travel bag locks will differ between each lockable backpack. Some require a separate padlock or recommend you use TSA approved luggage locks. Others have unique zipper lock designs.

Hidden Zippers

If you are looking for a simple and cheap anti-theft backpack, travel bags with hidden zippers are a good choice.

Continuing on the zipper theme, a hidden zipper backpack makes it hard for thieves to access your bag. The zippers to the main compartment are hidden at the rear of the bag when it is resting against your back.

Many new anti-theft travel bags have this feature and in fact for some travel safe bags this is the only anti-theft security feature.

Hidden Pockets

A hidden pocket is are often tucked away at the rear of the backpack where it is more difficult to access when you are wearing the backpack. These hidden pockets are good places to store your passport, wallet, credit cards and mobile phone.

Secret compartments and hidden pockets are perhaps the most common anti-theft feature on backpacks advertised as theft proof travel bags.

Some travel secure backpacks will also have zippered pockets deep inside the bag. This is another common anti-theft feature.

RFID Protection

A travel safe backpack will often include an RFID blocking card. While there is debate about the extent of RFID fraud, many brands include RFID blocking material in anti-theft daypacks.

RFID anti-theft bags typically have an internal pocket lined with RFID blocking fabric which prevents radio waves skimming your credit card and passport data. 

Water Resistant

An anti-theft waterproof backpack may have an integrated bag cover to pull over the outside of the bag. Other anti-theft bag brands will use water resistant materials.

A secure travel backpack shouldn’t only ward off thieves. It should also protect your expensive tech gear from water damage if you get caught in a downpour when traveling.

Built In Locking Cable

This is a great security feature when you are waiting at a train station or at the airport and you need to secure your travel bags.

As a traveler, one of the biggest challenges is keeping your valuables safe. For ultimate peace of mind, some anti-theft backpacks for travel will include a locking cable to tie the bag to a table, chair, post etc.

Some are integrated locking cables, others are separate and some anti-theft bag brands even incorporate a locking feature within the backpack strap.

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How To Choose The Best Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Now you know the features available on the best anti-theft travel backpacks, how do you choose the top anti-theft backpack for you? Here are some guidelines to help you make the best choice.

Anti Theft Features

Consider the anti-theft backpack features above and list which ones are most important to you.  Is your main priority to find the best slashproof backpack? Perhaps you are looking for the best RFID travel backpack with a laptop compartment?

Comfortable To Wear

Comfort is always an important criteria, and this will differ depending on your height and for how long you carry the bag. Good anti theft backpacks will have high quality foam on the back of the bag.  Note the quality, shape and padding of the straps too if you carry the bag for long periods of time.

We list the travel safe bag comfort features below to help you choose the best anti pickpocket bag for you.


The anti theft backpacks also differ in how they open and can be accessed. Some of the secret zip backpack options open 90 or 180 degrees, others have access from the top.

There are a range of colours and styles available for many pickpocket proof backpacks. Where different colours are available we have indicated below.

Pocket Layout

We explain the pocket layout for each bag below, but do consider whether external pockets or a backpack with hidden pockets are important to you (as some don’t have them).
I don’t know about you, but I need a good number of pockets in a backpack. Trying to find your mobile phone at the bottom of a backpack is never fun.


Consider what you need to fit inside your daypack and how many compartments you need. You will notice there is a wide range of theft resistant backpack sizes available. This is an important feature to consider.

Are you looking for anti theft luggage for carry on, the best anti-theft daypack or a secure backpack for commuting?

  • If you are a parent, you might need a larger pack to fit the kid’s drink bottles, sweaters and hats.
  • If you are looking for the best anti theft backpack for college you will need a pack large enough to fit your laptop, books and notepad.
  • A small anti theft backpack may be all you need if you pack light and need to carry a wallet, camera and water bottle.

We list the backpack dimensions and laptop sleeve sizes in the anti theft travel bag reviews below.

Also consider whether the backpack is a good fit for your height. Some antitheft backpacks are much longer than others, and may not be comfortable, especially if you are on the shorter side.

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