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Ancient Rome Chess Set with Mahogany Wooden Board


Chess is a game of skill and strategy. Elite players spend years studying openings, memorizing positions, and mastering endgames. The standard Staunton chess set makes it easy to view the game as it exists on the board, but for some players, themed chess sets take the game to a whole new level.

Wish to feel like how the Roman realm used to appear during early times? This is your chance with an exclusive Roman-themed chess set (pieces only). After all, what can a better way to showcase this eternal and ancient city via a game?

This chess set is beautifully carved and showcases all the major figures of the oldest civilization of Rome. There is a King which is a recreation of Julius Caeser and a Queen that represents true elegance. Rest, a total of 32 chessmen from the Polyresin (a stone with great durability). 

This is definitely the case with Roman Chess Sets. Rather than imagining the battle playing out with traditional chess pieces, these kinds of themed chess sets pit two armies against each other – often on a beautifully-designed chess board that looks like some sort of arena or battlefield. On this kind of chess board, we see more than a bishop removing a rook or a knight knocking out a pawn; we get to watch a fight to the death.

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