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Compression Leg Warmers

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Do you have leg issues that you just can’t seem to get rid of? No matter how much you try to address the symptoms with rehab exercises, adequate warming up, rest days, or frequent icing?

You want a solution that is going to deliver all the comfortable and effective compression that will finally provide you with real relief.

We created the Compression Leg Warmers for just that reason: to provide you with the perfect amount of leg support without limiting your ability to move, train, and play.

It’s time to put your pain behind you. Grab your compression sleeves now... and discover what everyone is raving about.

Sparthos Full Leg Sleeves Thigh Calf Knee Sleeve Support Brace


Whether you are in the midst of a training block or rehabbing from surgery, you don’t want to be sidelined for any period of time. Fortunately, the aim of our compression sleeves is to aid in the recovery process.

Your muscles and joints need oxygen to repair themselves but it typically takes much longer for oxygen to reach your joints. Targeted compression works by stimulating blood flow to the inflamed area which leads to an increase in oxygenation.

This means your legs, knees won’t feel swollen, sore, or tender as normal when you wear a pair of sleeves. Thus, allowing you to keep up with the typical demands of daily life, exercise, and work. It seriously doesn’t get any better than that.


Sparthos Full Leg Sleeves Thigh Calf Knee Sleeve Support Brace


You don’t need to have an injury in order to benefit from extra leg support. If you care about the long term health of your joints and muscles then it’s critical to have a strategy that keeps them healthy.

These sleeves do an excellent job of absorbing shock waves (aka pounding) that occur as a direct result of intense sports like running, hiking, cycling, weightlifting, and so on. Which you can imagine really does a number of your knees over a lifetime of training.

As any doctor or trainer will tell you, prevention is the best cure for injury. Better to get in the habit of using sleeves now before you develop any tears, pulls, strains, or sprains. It’s worth the investment now.


Sparthos Full Leg Sleeves Thigh Calf Knee Sleeve Support Brace


Less pain, better circulation and healthier legs mean better options and outcomes in everything you do. Here’s an effective performance boost you can feel, thighs to calves, for all your activities.


Sparthos Full Leg Sleeves Thigh Calf Knee Sleeve Support Brace


We say it’s like a second skin for a reason! You can wear our sleeves under your work slacks, sweatpants, or jeans. Making it that much more convenient.


Sparthos Full Leg Sleeves Thigh Calf Knee Sleeve Support Brace


Feel free to leave Sparthos sleeves on all day long. They are meant to be utilized at work, home, and the gym to make your days that much better.


Sparthos Full Leg Sleeves Thigh Calf Knee Sleeve Support Brace


If you plan on staying physically active in these sleeves, you don’t have to worry about them generating a ton of sweat. The fabric allows moisture to evaporate from your skin quickly.

Sparthos Full Leg Sleeves Thigh Calf Knee Sleeve Support Brace


Thanks to a thick silicone strip all you need to do is put your sleeves on and they stay in place. No rolling, slipping, falling, or constant readjusting.


Our compression sleeves apply enough pressure that your legs feel comfortable and stable but not so much tightness that you need to take them off after an hour of use.

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