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Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer


Say Goodbye To Tinfoils

With this sealer, you can say goodbye to the traditional way of wrapping your food with tinfoils. Moreover, this sealer will ensure that your food will stay fresh for as long as possible.

Our Handheld Food Vacuum Sealer seals in freshness, flavor - and nutrients, for up to 5x longer that saran wrap or Tupperware. It boasts the same accuracy and efficiency as the big, bulky sealers without any of the hassle. Meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits are kept in pristine condition for days. Even leftovers taste delicious. Best of all, you’ll save money because you’ll throw away less food and you won’t have to buy saran wrap.


Rechargeable Vacuum Sealer

Our Portable Mini electric vacuum sealer is one-touch switch button, easy to use and fast, only need 10 Seconds to vacuum air. Professional removable "water storage" design can store the water vacuumed from the bag. Save sealer for food storage.


Food Stays Deliciously Fresh

Food vacuum kit reinforced double zipper vacuum sealer bags creates an airtight barrier, leakproof, blocking moisture and oxygen to extend freshness and locking flavours and nutrients, help foods fresh up to 5X longer. Slow down foods spoilage and keep foods delicious. No waste foods and save space. Freezer safety.


Food Safe and BPA FREE Material

Reusable vacuum food storage bags are BPA free, high quality food safe material. Much better than normal freezer bags and zipper bags. Sous Vide Bags are good food storage bags, zip lock food organization bags can be used for meats seafoods, vegetables, fruits, cereals, Nut snacks and sandwich, vacuum storage can keep foods fresh and long storage.

Advantages of hand-held packaging machines:

  • Mini-vacuum packaging machine solves the problem that traditional packaging machine is not easy to carry.
  • This product is made of food-grade materials. It not only has safety assurance, but also has fashionable appearance, which can enhance your experience.
  • More convenient than manual packaging machine. You can keep all food ingredients fresh to prevent oxygen, bacteria, insects, molds or bad smells in food.
  • Don't worry about not using it. One-button switch is easy to use.
  • Packaging bags are environmentally friendly food-grade packaging bags. It can be reused. You are equipped with 6 and 10 vacuum environmental protection bags.
  • Suitable for daily use of cooked meat, cheese and other refrigerated and food, is a good companion for vacuum cooking.


    • Materials: PC and ABS Plastic;
    • Charging Mode: USB
    • Size: 54 x 54 x 125 mm
    • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
    • Motor Power: 2W
    • Vacuum: -50kpa

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