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Handheld Retro Game Console

Type and Colour
5 Inch Black
5 Inch Blue
5 Inch White
7 Inch Blue Red
4.3 Inch 8G Black
4.3 Inch 8G White
5 Inch 16G Red
5 Inch Red blue
5 Inch 16G Yellow
7 Inch black
4.3 Inch 8G Red
4.3 Inch Red blue


Retro Video Game Console

The X1 portable game console is a multifunctional game console, it can also be used as an MP3 / MP4 player, such as viewing images, reading electronic books.

Colorful 4.3 "screen that a great visual experience. It also allows the breakpoint memory, allowing the game to be automatically archived to continue playing along with the direct reading of progress.

Video Game Console Specifications:

Display: 4.3-inch color screen resolution of 16 million (480 x 272).

TF card: expands to 32G, make sure the file format is FAT32 (package without TF card).

Image: compatible with JPG / GIF / PNG / BMP image format, etc.

Package Included: 

  • 1pc x game console
  • 1pc x earphone
  • 1pc x user manual
  • 1pc x USB cable
  • 1pc x audio & video cable


Portable Video Game Nostalgic Game Console
Handheld Video Game Console

Our products support arcade, nes, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC and other 8 simulators, and are compatible with most games.

However, please note that not all games can be compatible. There may be individual games and game machines are not compatible.

Connecting External Devices

for Children and Adults

You can connect with USB devices and PC to download games and use the AV interface to have a bigger visual experience on TV screen.

Reminder:The game device can only be connected to the TV for singles. It does not support two people playing together.

Camera support

Camera support

0.3 mega pixels rear cameras, support HD photography and taking pictures, leave a wonderful moment.

Reminder:The game console can only take pictures in the internal memory of the game console. If you need to take more photos, you need to transfer the game on the game console to the expansion card to have more space to store the photos.

HD recording

Digital recording

High fidelity sound recording, compatible with MP3, WAV format



Compatible with bookmarks, automatic navigation, background music playback, front regulation and other functions



Support MP3 / WMA / OGG / ACC / WAV and support APE / FLAC dual lossless music

Handheld Video Game Console

Tips for battery maintenance 

  1. Please charge the battery before the first time you use it. Do not use it when the battery is not fully charged, otherwise, the quality of the battery will be significantly reduced; start charging before the power reminder is almost used up, do not use it until it is fully charged.
  2. In the process of using the lithium battery, after it is completely discharged, in fact, there will still be a small amount of power inside the battery. The reserved amount of power has a very important effect on the activity and life of the lithium battery. However, if it is used, after over-discharging, continue to use other methods, such as forcibly restarting, this excessive discharge will cause very serious damage to the lithium battery. 

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