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High Quality Hexagon Magnetic Quantum Lights

Plug Type
Create a warm and romantic atmosphere with warm white LED lights, Used as everyday home decor, great for mantel, picture window, baby room or as photo/set props, An attention grabber and draw eyes as the apex of your wedding, party, special event, etc.

Perfect brightness: Our smart night lights provide the right amount of light to walk around your house without turning on the main lights. Don't be too bright, don't be too dark. Just the right amount.

Lighting: Turns on automatically when there is insufficient ambient light. Intelligently self-adjust all night. Say goodbye to broken houses and say hello to smarter houses.

Extremely compact: Gorgeous design with a modern minimalist look that fits easily in tight spaces without blocking other outlets. We use 100% fire-resistant ABS.
Low voltage safety, save the cost of dry batteries, no need to change the battery frequently.

Your ideal lighting choice-light warm white light, no noticeable anti-blue LED, matte lampshade produces soft light beam, small and light, with double-sided adhesive tape and hanging clip, night light is very suitable as Newborn or baby care lights, breastfeeding lights, baby changing lights, or as closet lights, closet lights, cabinet lights, under cabinet lights, no more holes in the wall, no hassles of plugs and messy cables.

Portable and Versatile: Safe and convenient with ON and OFF switch on the back.
Integrated hanging hook holes for ease of display on wall or just rest on mantle, self, table or dresser. Can be displayed standalone or combined with other pieces to create an eclectic lighting installation.

Durable & Energy-Saving & Economical: LED bulb produces no heat after long-time use. Plastic exterior, sturdy but not too heavy.

FAQs: Designed mainly for decorative purpose. Cannot be taken as a substitute for daily lighting.

NOTE: Store the light in a cool and dry place if product is not to be used for a long time. Please handle this product with care to avoid damage to the bulbs.
If hanging, please ensure the hook has some extra space for easier operation on the switch.


  • Material: Plastic + LED lamp
  • Input Power: AC110-220 V 50/60 Hz
  • Output Power: DC24V
  • Maximum number of components per power adapter: 65
  • Plug types: US/EU

Package included:

  • 3/5/6/10 tile modules 
  •  Power Supply with 2 metre cable included
  •  EU/US plug adapters
  •  10 Reusable gel sticky pads


  • 3pc: White light.
  • 5pc Colourful, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink colour
  • 6pc Colourful, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and White colour
  • 10pc Colourful, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink


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