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Natural Jade Hot Stone Massage Set


Our massage stones are made of quality material, all the stones are hand made.



Each stone is made of natural Jade stones; the stone have great heat retention, perfect for spa and massage therapy.



How to warm the stone: You can warm the stone with hot water in the pot or cover the stones with a wet towel in the microwave. Heat up your stones. Ideally, you should prepare your stones 30-60 minutes before you begin your massage. The water should be no more than 130°.


The stones will cool down as you use them. Anything below 110° is considered a warm stone massage, although it is important to know that a 104° stone can still burn someone if it is left laying on bare skin for a few minutes. Never place a hot stone directly on the participant's skin without moving it.



Natural Green Jade Massage Stones: These Massage Stones can effectively massage and warm your muscle, give your body a deep relaxation, improves your blood circulation. 




Made of natural green Jade stones, this stone has great heat retention, gives your body a comfortable relaxing feeling.




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