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Limited Pressure Point Muscle Therapy Rollers


Stop “dealing” with stiff muscles, stress, pain and actually eliminate it in just 10 to 20 minutes per day.

360° ROLLER MASSAGER:Beyond massage this muscle roller helps release tension, stress and pain in the muscles by improving natural circulation and reducing inflammation to restore mobility and flexibility.

Benefits you'll Love:

  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Relieves Muscle Knots & Tightness
  • Tones Your Body
  • Suitable For Your Arms, Calves & Shoulders
  • Bring It With You To The Gym, Office & More

How Does It Work?
Featuring 4 independent rollers, you'll be able to effectively target all your stubborn fat pockets. Tone your calves and thighs with Roller massager by breaking down fats and cellulite in those areas.

FULL BODY HANDHELD MASSAGER:Offering self-massager trigger point relief this ergonomic roller uses dual texturing rolling massage points that can be used on the arms, forearms, elbows, legs, calves, neck, and other sore or aching areas.

LIGHTWEIGHT:Physical tool that targets multiple angles of affected area at a time. Allows for balanced treatment for sore thigh, hamstring, quad, calves, leg muscles, shin splints, strained arms, tennis or golfer elbow, and a tense neck.

COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE:Our personal massager can be used at home, when you’re at the gym, or while traveling or on vacation, so you can keep your body going strong even after a tough workout or long trip to the beach.

PERFECTfor runners, athletes, yoga practitioners, pilates enthusiasts, swimmers, dancers, cross fit athletes, bodybuilders, and anybody else who is committed to health, fitness, and wellness. Use pre and post workout at home or in the gym for stretching and tissue/myofascial massage.



  • Size: 25 x 23 x 4.5cm
  • Material: ABS



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