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Night Reflective Spray

Product is formulated by the aqueous resin and special reflective material. It can be sprayed on any surface of the article without changing its colour and hurting the substrate.

It can enhance the visibility at night or critical situation because the spray layer can achieve good reflective effect when meet light in the night. Improve security and avoid accidents.

This spray-on reflector boosts visibility, Safe-T-Spray is the ultra reflective spray that activates when hit by headlights or flashlight.

Just point and spray on the area you want to highlight. Formula dries matte for a smooth finish. Perfect for coats, vests, shoes, helmets, bikes, and more - stay safe, stay visible.

Material:: Water-based cleaning resin + reflective material
Size:: 15cm*4cm
Colour: Silver
Net:: 100ML
Quantity:: 1 bottle

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