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Protective Armour Gear


 powersports protective jackets

We are committed to producing high-quality outdoor sports protection products. This protective jackets is made of high-quality Lycra fabric and thick foam pad. It is soft and skin-friendly, which solves your fear of outdoor extreme sports injuries.

protective riding jacket

Safe And Scientific Protection Design

Although outdoor sports is  exciting, it is inevitable that sometimes we get injured. This Protective Gear uses a 6mm thick protective pad, Allowing you to enjoy the sports you love without worrying about collision and injury.

full body armor protective jacket

Breathable, Soft And Skin-Friendly Fabric

This Full Body Armor Protective Gear uses a comfortable and Soft Lycra fabric, it maintains good breathability and sweat absorption while exercising, and has excellent elasticity. The skin feels warm in winter and cool in summer makes you love it!

protective jacket motorcycle men

Full Body Armor Protective Jacket

You can use it as a  motorcycle or ski protective clothing. In addition, other outdoor extreme sports such as hockey, skiing, skating, skateboarding, roller skating, riding, racing, cycling, motocross, street racing, mountain biking.

skating protective gear

Powersport Protective Gear

The protective pad is made of high quality thick PE material, which is waterproof and moisture proof, thermal insulation to you keep warm, environmental protection and non-toxic.

The shoulders and elbows are made of 3H high density shockproof cotton, which can effectively resist collision and impact.

protective jacket for motorcycle


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