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Universal Phone Lens Kit for Smartphone

PROFESSIONAL PHONE CAMERA LENS KIT: Phone Lens Kit includes 0.63X wide lens & 15X macro, 2X telephoto lens, 198°fisheye lens, kaleidoscope lens, CPL filter, flow filter, radial filter and star filter. Supreme 10 in 1 phone camera lens kit turns your phone to a portable telescope and an HD single-lens reflex camera. By using different lens from this lens kit, we can take better pictures for objects from far-away, or get interesting photos by capturing more crisp details.

MULTI-FUNCTION OF LENSES:Create fun and unique circular mystical results picture, give a unique perspective, using this phone camera lens kit is all about creativity and fun, with a 198°fisheye lens, field of view, it can also acts as super wide angle lens.,the wide-angle lens to shoot landscape or even group pictures, the macro lens to take pics of small objects like flowers and insect, the telephoto lens for shooting distance pictures, the CPL lens to eliminate reflected light and create beautiful pictures.

18HIGH QUALITY CELL PHONE LENS AND EASY TO USE:Very professionally manufactured product made from aluminum, not cheap plastic, to increase the durability of the product, put the clip install on phone camera and make sure the lens is aligned with phone camera lens(it's better to use without phone case). Shooting artwork pictures by using your smartphones with our phone camera lens kit, enjoy the technical image effect.

71MpPNkrymL._SL1500_2 IN 1 WIDE ANGLE & MACRO LENS: Twist the wide-angle lens and macro lens together.You can use wide angle, just connect two shots to the provided clip. To use a macro lens, simply remove the wide-angle lens.

10With fisheye lens you can create interesting tubby images; macro lens is used for taking extreme close-up pictures of very small objects; wide-angle lens helps shot more landscape, which brings you into an amazing world.

9The kaleidoscope lens can see a lot of the scene through the lens image overlap, the kaleidoscope of wonderful world with a scene overlap, it is very magical.

14With telephoto lens, the magnification is 2x, you don't need to work very close to the object, telescope lens can take clear photos from far distance.

8Flow filter takes the static object into dynamic effects, you don't need any image software you can take a wonderful and creative photo.

12Star filter adds a dramatic Star flare to every bright areas. Ideal for photographs of night scene and ladies wearing jewellery or other objects with strong reflections.

star filterRadial filter allows you to shoot a radial visual effect, which helps you to easily capture a visual impact photo.


Package Includes: 

1 x 0.63X Macro, 15X Wide Lens, 1 x 198° Fisheye Lens, 1 x 2X TelephotoLens, 2x Kaleidoscope Lens, 1 x CPL Filter ,1 x Flow Filter 1 x Star Filter, 1 x Radial Filter, 9 x Lens Cover (plastic), 1 x Universal Clip, 1 x Cleaning cloth.

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