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Natural Jade Rose Quartz Facial Massager


From Chinese Jade to Egyptian Quartz, beauty rollers are not just the hottest trend, but one of the oldest ancient remedies to brighten, soothe and support our tired, unhappy skin. In fact, loves how it makes their skin feel, how easy it is to use and how sturdy and quality each tool is. And because we know how much you also love “easy to hold” things, we made the handle extra thick and comfortable. Pop it in the fridge for an extra refreshing massage, or warm it up and let it infuse your skin with love.

jade roller

REAL Brazilian Rose Quartz

Notice the deep pink shade? That’s the color of REAL Rose Quartz! Have you EVER seen rose quartz jewelry made from light, washed out pink stones? Of course not, because they’re not true rose quartz! As soon as your unbox your pink roller and start using it, you’ll know exactly what real Rose Quartz feels like, and adore the quality of this gem stone.

jade face roller

Solid Integrated Handle

Most facial rollers are made with soft wire-thin brass and glue. And it makes sense because those rollers are designed to be cheaper for those on a budget. But for people like you, who care about a long lasting roller, we use a stainless steel integrated frame. It’s all one single molded piece (no glues) solid and thick for years of rolling.

face roller

Special Non-Squeak Hardware

We’ve seen those other rollers too, you know the ones that squeak endlessly! This, is NOT those. If your roller squeaks it’s because of surface tension – and that tension eventually leads to stress and breaks. So we use two tiny little traction wheels that grip your roller and make it turn smooth, but will never squeak or stick!

How To Use This Skin-Boosting Kit


After cleansing and toning, use the silicone brush to apply serums, oils and moisturizers to skin.


Then use your quartz roller to gently drive products into your skin while at the same time delivering a boost of natural quartz ions like Silicone and Oxygen.


Finish your beauty routine with the Gua Sha Facial Tool to relax the skin and boost healthy blood flow.

The Benefits Are Obvious…


Soothe Tension

We hold a lot of tension in our head and jaw, which can pull our muscles down, making us look tired and forlorn! Use your roller daily, and your gua sha 2-3x a week to massage those stuck areas. There’s a reason it’s called an Eastern Facelift! Try it and see.


Reduce Puffiness

Use the large roller for cheeks and the small roller for around the eyes and nose to de puff, tighten and tone sensitive skin. When your skin is inflamed try your roller straight from the fridge or freezer for a soothing ice roller blast.


Help Absorb Skincare Products

It’s not just a massage! The special properties of each gemstone roller work synergistically with your serums, oils and moisturizers to help them absorb deeper into your skin. The Nano Vibrations of each stone is like a tiny little agitator, pushing skincare into cells.


Feel Light, and Lifted!

From Asia to the Middle East, gemstone beauty tools have been used for centuries to beautify, relax, and release. Since then, millions have used them for jaw pain, sinus headaches, puffy eyes, wrinkles, sore muscles and more. 



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