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UV Light Phone Sanitizer and Wireless Charger

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Effective Safe

Protect yourself and those closest to you by sanitizing your phone, keys, eyeglasses, wallet and more regularly. The UV-C light can get to the microorganisms that hide in crevices where even cleaning wipes can't reach, neutralizes harmful bacteria and viruses that other phone cleaners can't kill.

  • Safely kill up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria with UV light in less than 8 minutes.
  • Utilizes Qi inductive wireless charging technology that eliminates the need to attach a charging cable.
  • Compatible with all phones up to 6.8 inches. Not only suitable for smartphones, but also fit for many other small objects.
  • Not only sanitizes your phone, but it also makes your devices smell good thanks to a built-in aromatherapy function.

large space

Easy to use

The compact design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. Just plug it into the USB cable, put the items into the internal chamber, close the lid, then press and hold the button for one second to start sterilizing. A blue indicator on the top will let you know when the sanitizing is complete.



Safe & Effective

Germicidal UV light eliminating germs and bacteria up to 99.99%. Fully enclosed design, will not leak ultraviolet light. No liquid, heat, or chemical is used, safe to sanitize anything that fit inside! UV light automatically turn off when the lid was lifted 10°.



Aroma Diffuser

Your things can be germ-free and fragrantly refreshed from the essential oil of your choice. Add a droplet of liquid fragrance, diffuse pleasant scent for your items while sanitizing. Note: Comes with pipette, do not include essential oil in the package. 

wireless charging


Input: 5V=2A, 9V=2A

Output: 5V=1A, 9V=1A (10W Max)

Dimension: 8 (L) x 5 (W) x 2.3 (H) in

Weight: 0.74 pounds


  • UV Sanitizing Box with Wireless Charging
  • USB-A to Type-C cable
  • Essential oil pipette
  • Instruction manual

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