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Deep Tissue Gun Sport Therapy Muscle Massager

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Treat yourself and relax good for pain after hard workout, fitness, and long hours of working. Provide wellness after constant use, feel the relieve with 15 minutes a day.

A perfect match for your heavy gym workouts, massage the deep tissue of your legs, arms, chest and your whole body.


The Deep Tissue Gun Sport Therapy Muscle Massager was designed as a solution to our customer's to take break and relax anywhere and anytime. Thanks to light ergonomic design minimizes external vibrations and the durable anti-slip silicone grip makes the massager easier and comfortable to hold for your enjoyment.

MUSCLE RECOVERY MASSAGE GUN: Stimulate muscle, tissue, and blood circulation to shorten muscle recovery time, relieving pain, excess soreness and eliminating post workout fatigue through high frequency percussions of the massager.

4 MASSAGE HEADS AND 20 SPEED LEVELS: The professional deep tissue massager contains 4 massage heads to tackle designated muscle groups throughout your entire body with 20 different adjustable speeds (maximum upward frequency of 3300 r/min).

This muscle massage gun is equipped with a silent motor and engineered with 3D noise reduction technology to reduce noise levels between 30-50 decibels. This is a super silent muscle massage gun.

The cordless massager has LCD touch screen control to display your power, gear, and speed all in just once glance.

The handheld massage gun is equipped with a 2500 mAh high-quality lithium battery. It can be used for 5 hours after being fully charged, and it can be fully charged in only 2 hours. You can schedule the charge in advance by knowing the amount of power by the battery indicator, never have to worry about the massage gun being out of power.

Single package size: 36X27X13 cm
Rated voltage: AC110-220V, 50/60Hz

Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Massage Guns
  • 4 x Massage Heads
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Storage Box
  • 1 x User Manual


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