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Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit


Ear wax is the natural safeguard for your ear canal, acting as protection against sand, bugs, and dirt getting in and damaging your canal or eardrum. But if ear wax builds up too much, it can impair your hearing — everything sounds muffled, and it can give you that feeling like you are underwater. Instead of reaching for a cotton swab or Q-tip, which experts say aren't safe because they can puncture your eardrum and do other damage.


EASY AND EFFECTIVE Just add warm (body temperature) water to the earwax cleaner bottle and spray it into the ears to soften the earwax, effectively clean the ears and prevent earwax accumulation. Our liquid flushing design is the most effective way to extract earwax accumulation.


UNIQUE FLUSHING HEAD DESIGN AND INFECTION PREVENTION This unique flushing head earwax removal direction leads the water pressure to the outer wall of the ear canal, generating turbulence and accelerating the flow rate. Here are 5 flushing heads to be replaced to avoid infection.


COMPREHENSIVE SET This is a complete and comprehensive kit, five one-time tips; a cleaning bottle; a bulb ear washer; a long rubber hose; a threaded cap. You can clean your ears at home. The earwax cleaning bottle is about 500ml, and the soft rubber ball syringe is used to clean the earwax.


EFFECTIVE AND SAFE Unlike other ear cleaning tools, our ear wash is completely safe for your ears. This earwash provides safe pressure even on sensitive ears.
completely safe for your ears. "


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