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Electric Vibrating Natural Rose Quartz Jade Roller

jade roller for face

Be Your Unique Beauty!

Electric jade roller for face beauty tools, one of the most wonderful healing and beautifying stones with vibrating features, to help with lymphatic drainage, promote absorption, toxin flushing, puffiness, wrinkles & pores, dark circles under eyes and so much more! Rosy rolling and vibrating massage are what you need to glow your own kind of beauty.

The “new go- to” beauty product that is truly worth the investment. Over the past few years, make-up artists and influencers have fallen in love with the natural crystal face...


One of a kind gift for her

Rose Quartz, “the stone of love”, is the Crystal of Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. It’s said to resonate within the entire body to heal all matters of the heart chakra and attract every kind of love.


Using the vibrating jade roller with a skin-care routine with lotion, eye-cream, essence, body-lotion, mask etc.It can promote serums into the skin deeply effectively.


The beauty of no worries

360° Fully Waterproof Design. No worries of electric leakage with thousands of safety tests. You can even use it when taking a bath.

easy to use


Twisting the ON / OFF bottom gently can turn on the vibrating feature, easy to operate for any age and efficient to use. It only requires 1 x AA Battery (not included) to last about half a year if using 5 minutes per day.


High frequency 6000 times per minute vibration technology massage therapy will generate negative ions and when combined with anti-aging cream, serum or facial moisturizer it can effectively activate your skin cells, promote blood circulation and metabolism for long lasting moisturizing and firming effect.


Daily use of the electric roller will make your face and skin look healthier and younger by reducing wrinkles and removing dark circles. Moreover, it will increase skin metabolism through stimulating your blood circulation, resulting in an instant face lift. Also, it can also be combined with skin care products and promote better absorption.

How to use:


1. FACE & NECK: Roll all over the face and neck in an upward and downward motion


2. EYES: Start from under the eye and follow the structure. Beside the eye, focus on crows feet moving in an up-and-down motion.


3. FOREHEAD: And Smile line,roll in an upward and downward motion.


4. NECK: Start from the base of the neck and move upward towards the jaw line.

facial roller massager

Lets Make it Official!

Our Gift to YOU!

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