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High Quality Pedal Puller Resistance Band

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LOSE FAT AND SHAPE YOUR BODY:Elastic pull rope fitness equipment. Easily and safely tone and tighten your waist, leg and arm, relaxing your shoulder. The yoga strap offers optimal resistance and great stability, never losing its shape, rip or fray. Pullers are commonly used for exercise: Arm training, shoulder training, waist training and leg training.

BRAND NEW WITH HIGH QUALITY:4 tube pedal fitness rope is made of environmental foam, and tube is made of NBR, which is healthy to body. 4pc. pull ropes, high tensile strength and good elasticity than 2pc. ropes. Durable and comfortable with tens of thousands of times by tensile testing.

ULTRA LIGHT AND CONVENIENT:A new choice for workout. Thin waist and get rid of your spare tire in the easiest way. Once you own it, you can do sit-ups without effort by yourself, and carry out the plan to thin your waist.

FITNESS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE:Home, hotel rooms, offices, and even outdoors anytime, anywhere you want, it's very easy to carry and a small portable gym. Perfect home-based strength training.

Ways to Use:

Shoulder Exercise: Standing still and footing on the footrest, hold on the handle firmly pull up and down. Recommendation: 15 times each, repeat 2-3 group. It can prevent scapulohumeral periarthritis, increasing the flexibility of the shoulder.

Leg Exercise: Lying on the yoga mat, holding on the handle and footing on the footrest. Legs bent in 90 angle and force forward. Recommendation:15 times each. It can effectively exercise and strength the waist and thigh muscle.

Waist Exercise: Put your feet flat on the footrest and hold the handle. With pipe, it's flexible to do sit ups. It can remove twice the usual number of calories.

Hand Exercises: Siting on the chair and footing on the footrest, keep in 90 angle, pull around the tube. Palms hold up the pull implement can exercises the arm's inside muscles.

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