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Electric Hyperblade Physiotherapy Massager Myofascial

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Hyper-blade is a sports rehabilitation product. It uses micro vibration and NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) technology to protect your sports health. The ergonomic curved blade design combines perfectly with any part of the body, so you can easily get the level of a professional therapist.



Deep massage, directly on muscle tissue,compared with the traditional fascia gun, which only acts on the epidermal tissue, this myofascial massager uses micro-current and NMES technology to directly massage deep muscle tissue for true deep massage.

NMES is a natural current that mimics the body's own body. It is sent to deep muscle tissue, which can stimulate muscle contraction and increase muscle tone, effectively reduce lactic acid accumulation and prevent muscle soreness.

The curved blade design enhances temperature by sliding friction, recovers faster, massages evenly, and is comfortable and painless.

Lightweight and comfortable, it can be massaged at any time; built-in 1100mAh large battery, 30 minutes per day, can last for 14 days.

Myofascial physiotherapy,A group of physicists with many years of medical experience took 5 years, and after more than 7,000 feedback from experienced users, they have made hundreds of improved designs.

This electric massager can automatically find acupuncture points and its speed is adjustable according to your needs. This deep tissue massager is very good for your muscles, back, feet, neck, shoulders, legs, waist and calves.

It offers pain relief and relaxes your muscles. You can use this Myofascial massager before any exercise to prevent injuries and after exercise for a faster recovery. This massager is great for shaping and relaxing your back, and reduce fat. 


As compared with traditional fascia gun massagers, which only reach the surface level of the tissue layer, this Myofascial Massager uses NEMS micro-current & micro-vibration technology that offers a deep massage direct to your muscle tissue. 





Package Includes:

  • 1 Hyperblade Massager
  • 1 Water and Essential Oil Container
  • 1 Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 Travel Case
  • 1 User Manual


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