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Professional Cupping Massage Therapy Sets


The set based on the traditional cups by applying the traditional cupping therapy. It is very effective in treating a variety of diseases and health problems, such as bronchitis, congestion, arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders and certain types of pain. It also relieves muscle pain, improves rheumatism, eliminates colds, and improves blood circulation. Deeply massage your body to make you healthier.



The magnetic therapy design can play the role of acupuncture points. When using, the handle of the handle is easy to use, the lever is strong, and it is not easy to be damaged after repeated pulling. You can use the cup to easily suck any part of your body. Various skin reactions occur after cupping, don't worry.

Before starting the treatment, pull the upper stem of the cup to ensure airflow, fix the vacuum vent to the upper part of the cup, and then pull the rod vertically for about 4 times to produce a suitable negative pressure. After the treatment is finished, gently pull up the valve stem on the upper part of the cup and remove the cupping device.

EASY TO OPERATE: No fire, no electricity, safe and reliable, easy to carry, one will be, cheap, good quality, ideal for the whole family health care.

SAFETY SEAL: The tank mouth is round, smooth, round, smooth rounded cup edge expands the area connected with the skin, ensuring the best sealing, not easy to fall off the specifications, suitable size, suitable for all parts of the human body.

SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Cupping cups are widely used in family personal physiotherapy, beauty and other aspects. The silicone cupping structure is simple, convenient and practical, and has a large suction force. It has a cupping function and has a scraping effect. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is especially suitable for travel and home use.

MULTIPLE SIZES: The kit contains a variety of high-grade silicone vacuum cups for different sizes of body or face: large cups for larger shoulders, back, and abdomen; small cups for smaller heads, faces, joints, etc.


PRECAUTIONS: Each acupuncture point is 15 minutes, 1-2 times a day, 10 days is a course of treatment. The second course of treatment can prolong the time of acupuncture. In order to promote the benign circulation of blood, it is best to drink water before cupping. It is best to drink magnetized water to lower blood.


  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Application: Body
  • Material: ABS, Environment-friendly Plastic
  • Size: Multi Size S, M, L(36*29*9cm)
  • Functions: Detox, sub-health bettering, losing weight. etc.
  • Users: Pregnant Women, and Children are prohibited.


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