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Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Bracelet


Arming yourself against those pesky mosquitos could never be easier or more stylish.

The simple wristband packs in the newest ultrasonic innovation in mosquito repellent technology. Unlike other mosquito repellent this uses no chemical’s so it’s good for you and the environment.


If you want to host a BBQ or go on a camping trip, these bracelets are your best companion.Also, all bracelets can be adjusted to fit children and adults, no longer worry about finding the right size. Everyone can wear this bracelet to travel, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.


With the adjustable ultrasonic frequency design, you'll to keep away from a variety of bugs, including mosquito, cockroach, spider, ant, snake and more. And this insect repellent bracelet can also be filled with a piece of scent, chemical-free, no-toxic plant essential oil tablets for better repellent effects, durable and can be used continuously for 5 days. Protect you from insect bites wherever you are.


These mosquito repellent wristband are made of flexible plastic. It is the ultimate outdoor pest repellent that works without losing potency. It can accompany you to beach, lake, rainforest and so on.

How to display the clock:

  • Click the clock display button, the clock display screen will automatically close after 10 seconds of no operation
  • Remove the wrist strap, you can see that the charging interface can be quickly charged using the Micro USB cable, and it can be fully charged within 30 minutes (the charging speed depends on the charger power)

Repellent method:

  • Press the mosquito repellent button once to turn on the power
  • Press once for second gear
  • Press three times for third gear, suitable for sleep use
  • Press four times to turn off the mosquito repellent function

Clock setting method:

Long press the power button / clock setting button for three seconds, the screen clock flashes, first set the hour, press the clock setting button to adjust the hour, confirm to press the power button / clock setting button, after confirmation, automatically switch the minute setting, press Press the power button to confirm, and the clock setting can be completed.


  • Function: Ultrasonic mosquito repellent
  • Input: 5V / 1A
  • Output: 34Hz-70KHz
  • Charging time: about 30 minutes
  • Endurance working time: 130 hours
  • Charging method: USB

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